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5 inspiring situations in which chandeliers cannot be missed

5 inspiring situations in which chandeliers cannot be missed While setting up an event, the plan starts with location, lights, sound and music. Next comes the design. All of them are important parts to make an event successful. We had a look at the European event market and came up with the 5 inspiring tips below. 1. Fashion show. In this atmospheric image we kept in mind sensational eye catcher. 1 very big chandelier, placed centrally above the catwalk. Decorated with fresh flowers. In this setting the chandelier doesn’t only provide atmospheric light, but also silhouettes. Country: italy     2. Private party During the private party in a glass tent the central points are atmospheric lights, floral decorations and class. By using different models and sizes, the chandeliers provide a warm atmosphere. Here you can see that 2 big crystal chandeliers accentuate the bars and 1 central...

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