eco-friendly vehicles

Our eco-friendly vehicles

Over the past year, our company has been working diligently to renew and greenify our fleet of vehicles. This effort stems from our strong commitment to minimizing our environmental impact. By focusing on replacing older vehicles with more environmentally friendly alternatives, we have taken a significant step towards sustainability. Our...

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chandelier tree indoor styling

Chandelier tree, an invention by Chandelier Rental

Chandelier Rental, Europe's leading chandelier rental company, is thrilled to introduce the innovative chandelier tree, revolutionizing the way chandeliers enhance your event. This customizable masterpiece is capable of supporting 1 to 5 chandeliers and extends the magic of these lighting fixtures to any venue, even the great outdoors. Time to...

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ultra luxury wedding with chandeliers

Luxury wedding with chandeliers

We always get excited when we get invited to elevate events with our chandeliers, but a luxury wedding just brings that extra sparkle of magic and makes our hearts beat a little faster. So when we had the opportunity to be a part of this ultra luxury wedding, we immediately...

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High class wedding

High class lakeside wedding

Introducing, this high class lakeside wedding in Italy. Chandelier Rental was chosen to elevate this wedding even further because our chandeliers make a wedding classier than you could ever imagine. Moreover, our chandeliers are a sight for sore eyes. Built with the best materials, there is no doubt that these...

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wedding Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild

Wedding Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild

Wedding villa Ephrussi de Rothschild , one of the most beautiful locations on the French south coast. What a joy it was to bring this location to life! For this luxurious wedding we supplied more than 20 identical chandeliers. While this may seem like a challenge, we currently hold a...

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wedding chandeliers

Chandeliers for wedding Lake Como

We got to provide chandeliers for a wedding on Lake Como, one of the most romantic places we can think of. The outstanding location was graced with our beautiful, large, sparkling chandeliers during a wedding at Villa Erba on Lake Como. In the midst of the incredible flowers and pastel...

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chandelier rental private party

Chandeliers private party

Chandeliers private Party. Enjoy with loved ones and friends. A private party can be organized for various reasons. But we always say: Celebrate life. Our large chandeliers MT-60 were used for this private party. The combination of wooden branches, greenery, drapes, fresh flower arrangements and unique furniture created a world-class...

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