About Chandelier Rental


About Chandelier Rental

The largest rental company of real crystal chandeliers in the world. Delivering continuous performance in the highest luxury segment.


At Chandelier Rental, we collaborate with wedding planners, event coordinators, designers and stylists to bring unparalleled luxury to life. Our expertise extends beyond borders, curating magical atmospheres in Europe and destinations around the world. Often in exclusive and undisclosed venues. We go the extra mile to realize the seemingly impossible for our clients’ events. Whether it’s installing our chandeliers atop a mountain via helicopter or sailing over the waters of Venice, we’ve made it happen.

No request is too extravagant for us. We’ve orchestrated private dinners for 20 people on mountain peaks with just a week’s notice. As a result, we consider adaptability  our forte, as seen in the diversity of our portfolio. Our chandeliers have graced prestigious events such as a Marc Jacobs/Louis Vuitton private dinner. In addition to this, we had the honor of being Jean-Paul Gaultier’s choice for the styling of a Sir Elton John event.

Beyond the world of events, we have provided our chandeliers to iconic commercials for global brands like Nike, Cartier and Lancome. We proudly contribute our expertise to events like the amFAR gala during Cannes Film Week and in addition to this our chandeliers have made countless weddings even more special. Lastly, we’ve had the privilege of working for Prince Albert II in Monaco.

Good to know: our portfolio as described here is only about 20% of our full repertoire. We often work at exclusive events which means we are not able to share all of our portfolio. We work professionally and discreetly to ensure our client’s privacy, this is of the utmost importance to us.


We rent out our chandeliers to world-class events, fashion shows, film sets, private events, red carpet events, broadcasting and extremely private parties from prominent world citizens and famous stars. Your quotation request is in safe hands with us. We have a very high standard of privacy


Chandelierrental is a sister organisation of the Dutch based company SHOWLIGHT BV. We established our company in the Dutch town of Beuningen in 1996. After almost 30 years of experience we have grown our inventory up to 700 chandeliers of various types and sizes that we have in stock at all times. We’ve expanded with a second warehouse in Leek, providing the North. Furthermore, we opened a third warehouse in Spain.

Our chandeliers have been displayed in over 10 different countries in Europe including Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, France, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, as well as Malta and the United Kingdom. In Spain we have a national office and for the past seven years have supplied both the Spanish and Portuguese market.


There are no financings in our company, we have always worked with our own financial resources. There are no outsiders who own shares. We are completely self-sufficient and independent.


Our chandeliers are crafted in-house with precision, passion and the best materials. We pay extra attention to lead percentage and the grinding technique to ensure the use of high-quality lead crystals in our chandeliers every time. Consequently, this is also the reason why our chandeliers shine so beautifully.

You will find a wide range of models in our collection. With these models we can style any type of event. Classic, Roaring twenties, gala, red carpet, modern, old fashioned. Name a theme and our chandeliers fit into the styling.


Our transport department is organised to facilitate the delivery and return of any number of chandeliers and other illumination products with different sized vehicles that can carry up to 40 tonnes. Our personnel are all expert light technicians and our transport drivers are conversant with international regulations and able to speak in a number of languages. We pride ourselves on flexibility and also achieve the best results through the use of skilled and well tried logistical support.

We transport one order per order. This means that a transport vehicle drives directly from the warehouse to the event location without the intervention of external transport companies. This guarantees quality.

Our staff is present at every event to ensure safe installation and dismantling. This is a precaution we take as a product consisting of thousands of fragile parts is not suitable for dry-hire.


We are committed to delivering an exceptional level of service. Our dedicated team is ready to address your inquiries promptly, offering immediate responses and quotations tailored to meet the unique requirements of any event.

Our product offerings cater to a diverse range of applications and clients, spanning from small-scale to large-scale operations across various sectors including broadcasting, television and a multitude of commercial enterprises.

Renowned for our innovative approach, we are recognized as trendsetters in the theatrical, entertainment and display realms. At Chandelier Rental, we take pride in providing outstanding service to all our clients. Your satisfaction is our priority and we are ready to exceed you expectations at every turn.

3 warehouses across Europe, over 700 chandeliers in different sizes

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