Personal attention, service and quality are the number one. Our extensive clientele can attest to this. However, if this is your first time renting a chandelier we can imagine you have some questions. We have answered the most-asked ones below to provide you with some expert advice!

Every one of our chandeliers is composed of real crystal droplets. Plastic gives less light reflection than crystal. You can see immediately that the light from a plastic droplet is muted and does not give a sparkling effect like our crystal droplets. You can read more about the difference here.

02: How many chandeliers do we have for hire?
We have over 700 chandeliers in different models and sizes. Our selection is always being upgraded to make sure we can fulfill your requirements.

03: What is needed to give you a good quotation?
It is essential that we know the location, date, time schedule and type of chandelier you wish to hire and the numbers required.
Critical for an efficient service is the date you want the delivery and installation to be made. Most IMPORTANT is that there are no surprises. The earlier we get involved, the more we can advise you and prepare so that nothing is left to chance.

04: Are you delivering and installing outside of the Netherlands?
Our chandeliers can be delivered, installed and dismantled in any country world-wide.
We can give expert advice. Travel to the event location if necessary to advise you as part of special chargeable service and also provide complete logistics and transportation to fit any requirement for our hired equipment and products.

05: When I hire a chandelier can they be delivered?
We deliver directly to your venue on time so that an installation can be made. We also can provide the full service of advise, transportation, give a full technical service and remove and return to our stores.

06: Can I install a chandelier I have hired with my own staff?
When a chandelier or any other illumination device is hired from us and you want to install it yourself, clear instructions are given to ensure safe installation. Our technical staff give clear and precise instructions for all stages of installation.

07: Is it safe to hang a chandelier above a group of people?
Every chandelier has a FAIL – SAFE device to overcome any failure in the hanging supports. If, in an unlikely event, a chain breaks a secondary support system comes into operation.

08: Can a chandelier be hung in any position?
Provided that there is sufficient height and that the hanging point in any location is entirely suitable for the weight. Besides that, there must be safeguards as advised by our team. If these are all in place there is no problem and we can hang a chandelier in any position.

09: Do you hang chandeliers yourself?
Yes we can fully undertake the delivery, installation and de-install on return of any of our chandeliers that you can hire from us.

10: What is the method for hanging your Chandeliers?
To hang any large and weighty chandelier we hire special tower equipment or use scaffolding. This is necessary when we have to hang chandeliers above 3.5 meters from the ground. Below this height we use our own safety lifting equipment. Our technical service can install and remove any of our chandeliers with complete safety for all concerned.

11: How long after a chandelier is installed can it be illuminated?
Having checked the electrical supply the average time is 20 – 30 minutes.

12: Is it possible for your chandeliers to pass through a normal door opening?
According to the type and size they are able to pass through both single and double doors. What is of prime importance is that we are able to visit the site or receive complete information of any location to determine if special opening facilities are needed.

13: I only need a chandelier for one day. But if it needs to come a day earlier are there any costs involved?
Also I do not have a large company can I hire a chandelier by the hour.

In answer to the first question there are no extra costs for this service. In addition we are ready to ready to hire our chandeliers by the hour to suit your individual requirements.

14: We have seen examples of chandeliers spot lit with different colours. Can this be undertaken?
Yes, we hire professional lighting designers to undertake this sensitive work with the use of special lighting fittings. We can make it fit your vision!

15: We want to hire more than one chandelier. Do I get discount?

16: I want to hire more than one type of chandelier. Are they all of the same specification?
All our chandeliers are manufactured with a high quality specification. Yes, you can hire as many different types of chandeliers and other forms of illumination you want. We are always ready to give you our own expert advice to ensure that what you choose is right for the location and event.

17: When I ask for a quotation does it mean that all of your chandeliers are available?
No it depends on availability at the time of the request. But we do our best to meet your needs at any time.

18: Are any of the chandeliers you deliver damaged in any way?
No. All of the chandeliers and other lighting fittings we deliver are in perfect condition upon leaving our stores. We also ensure that when our products are transported to your venue they are done so in specially constructed boxes with protection to ensure that there is no damage whatsoever.

19: The chandelier we received was damaged in some way?
When we transport our own chandeliers to a venue we ensure that they are delivered with no damage. Prior to any delivery we check both of leaving our store and again upon arrival. In the rare case we install our chandeliers and find an unexplained fault, our technical staff have a reserve of replacement equipment to fix any damage right on the spot.

20: Is it possible to hang chandeliers outside?
We have a special range of chandeliers for external applications. These are both water proof and also wind and weather proof.

21: Can a chandelier be installed in a pitched roof tent?
It is important that there is sufficient height and that at the apex of the tent there is a support fixing device that will take the weight of the chandelier.

22: Are your office or store available at any time to seek information for hiring?
YES. Our customer service is available 24-7 on the following telephone numbers. It is important to remember that our telephone numbers relate to CET (Central European Time): +31654711911 and +31611955791.

23: When I hire your chandeliers can I speak to a specific person for all my questions and concerns?
YES. We consider this is essential and important service to ensure that your project is given the correct information at all times. Our aim is to ensure that your event is a success and that we believe that it is critical that you contact us as early as possible. We provide you with someone dedicated to your project that can advise you at any step of the process. This will really ensure a successful event.

24: I only need a chandelier for one day. But if it needs to come a day earlier are there any costs involved?
There are no extra costs for this service.

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