Quality and safety

Our security system that ensures the highest quality

Take a look behind the scenes of Chandelier Rental and discover that you can hire with us for any special occasion.

Quality check before and after every order

Our own rigging, cleaning + transport + service (RCTS)

A unique 14 point system

Due to our 14-point quality check system, every chandelier that our customers order arrives in the highest quality. The system’s main focus points are beauty and safety. All of our employees are RCTS certificated.

Renting out a product and maintaining it in a perfect condition requires knowledge, careful handling and specialization. Especially renting out a product such as a chandelier, that consists of more than 2000 small parts, is a delicate task which requires attendant expertise and attention to finite detail.

We have created a system that works.

The moment a client makes the decision to hire a chandelier, the process of our 14-point quality check system starts. Our clients can sit back and relax, hardly noticing the work our skilled technicians are doing to provide the best results for their specific order. We take all the work out of your hands.

We check every individual chandelier to ensure all essential elements of safety as well as the visual aspect are up to the highest standards. Central to all these endeavours is that we have coordinated our 14-point quality check system with the NEN 3140 norm.


Transport and Safety

  • We normally hang our chandeliers from a fixed point
  • Chandeliers are not made to be transported daily
  • Neither to be regularly mounted or dismounted

It is because of our extensive knowledge and expertise that we are capable of transporting and mounting our chandeliers without damage. We transport every one of our chandeliers in a safe and special transport box.

In the rare case one item has to be changed through unforeseen circumstances, our highly trained technicians are able to undertake any replacement on site without loss of time.

Advice and Service

Before you make a decision to hire any of our chandeliers, we are able to provide you with some advice on what we consider to be the absolute best option to suite your particular location. We take into account all the site’s factors of available heights, permissible weights and accessibility we will ensure safety for everyone.

Once we have surveyed your desired location you can expect to receive a clear and concise, highly descriptive offer in a very short time. Upon receiving your agreement to proceed we will immediately activate our unique 14-point system and start working to realize your dream event!

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