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Decoration red carpet event

Decoration red carpet event: Are you going to organize a red carpet event? Are paparazzi waiting for exclusive snaps of your famous guests? Our luxurious crystal chandeliers provide an exclusive atmosphere during the entry. Decorate the entrance of a movie premiere or gala with beautiful crystal chandeliers. You can opt for large hanging chandeliers or standing chandeliers. We have extensive experience in decorating red carpet events. Our luxurious chandeliers decorated events of former Russian President Mika Gorbachev and an exclusive gala dinner by Louis Vuitton. Our beautiful lights decorated the Winter Ball of Sir Elton John. Our chandeliers can also be seen during major movie premieres; in Berlin, Cannes, Barcelona, ​​Paris, London or Amsterdam. Designer Jean-Paul Gaultier made a personal selection from our range of crystal chandeliers to provide a gala dinner atmosphere. Top designer Marc Jacobs made use of our chandeliers to decorate an exclusive after-party. Well-known brands like...

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