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Wedding chandelier decoration and illumination: Wonderful crystal chandeliers fit in any environment. Our crystal chandeliers are a true eye-catcher. Chandeliers create a sense of luxury. By filling the entire room with chandeliers, you can create a breath-taking atmosphere. A chandelier determines the atmosphere, can serve as decorative lighting as well. We will make sure the chandeliers will be delivered and collected in the right place, at the right time. Our experienced technicians can assemble and disassemble the wedding chandelier decoration for you.
We work in the most luxurious and prestigious locations around the world. A selection from the locations:

Companies, event-planners and event-organizers from all over Europe rent our chandeliers to give a wedding a great atmosphere. We work for well-known event- and wedding designers. Medium-sized companies and multinationals approach us directly. Various public organisations such as municipalities, police forces and ministries rent our chandeliers, amongst others for social evenings, gala nights, farewell or anniversaries. In our assortment you will find all kinds of crystal chandeliers, both small and large. Do you need assistance in picking the right one? Please, feel free to contact us. We can give you appropriate advice. Below you will see some photos of weddings where our chandeliers were used as eye-catcher or decorative lighting. What you see here is only 30% of what we really do. The text continues below the photos.

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