Chandelier rental prices

Chandelier rental prices

You will find that chandelier rental prices cannot be found on our website. This has a few reasons. To start, it depends on what model chandelier you want to rent, every model has its own price. Besides this it also depends on the location and duration of your event. Lastly, we offer complete privacy. When you rent our chandeliers for your exclusive event, we can imagine that you do not want your guests to know the price of the additions that make it so magical. When we publish our prices online, your privacy will expire and we want to prevent this at all costs. If you are interested in renting chandeliers, please reach out and we will gladly make you a quotation. But first we would like to tell you a bit more about the factors that make up the pricing of Chandelier Rental.


The larger the chandelier, the higher the rental price. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, a bigger chandelier uses more crystal and is therefore higher in price. In addition to this, transport becomes an increasingly complex task when the size of the chandelier increases. Both of these factor are taking into account when determining chandelier rental prices.


The rental price depends on the material used for the chandeliers. The difference can mainly be found in the quality of crystals. The higher the lead content, the better quality the crystal. For example, K9 crystal is ground glass with a minimum lead content and this material can often be found in Asian replicas.
On the other hand, the highest lead content is found in SWAROVSKI crystals. The crystals used at Chandelier Rental are close to this content. In addition to this all of the crystals we use are hand-cut, ensuring the highest quality material possible.


An average chandelier consists of 2.000 to 6.000 crystals and is therefore quite difficult to transport. Luckily, we have developed systems that make it possible to transport these fragile chandeliers without damage occurring. This guarantees that the chandeliers will make it safely to the location of your event. Besides this, the length of transport also plays a role in the chandelier rental prices.


After each event, our chandeliers are fully checked and cleaned. In addition to this every chandelier undergoes annual inspections. This procedure guarantees that our chandeliers will reach you in perfect condition every time.

Interested in our chandeliers and services? Please get in contact with us through the link below. Send us as much information as possible about your event and we will make sure to provide you with a quotation shortly. We will treat all data confidentially.
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