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Chandelier stand

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Free standing chandelier stand – Atmospheric light for indoor or outdoor

You want to create something special outside or in a large room? But there are no suspension points or you want to save on constructions, cabling and truss? We have invented an attractive solution for this problem. Our chandelier trees are specially designed for outdoor parties or to decorate a tent or large room. Place these chandelier trees between tables or spread throughout the garden. The result will be breathtaking and spectacular. With our chandelier trees you will create an atmospheric and luxurious feeling, wherever you want it. The only thing we need from you is the electricity.

Our product developers were looking for a safe solution to use crystal chandeliers in locations without suspension points. In-house we have worked on a total solution for weddings, garden parties, galas and company parties. We have taken safety, weight and design into account. The result is our attractive chandelier tree. This sturdy construction holds 5 crystal chandeliers. You can choose from different types of chandeliers, varying from 0,42 meter height to 1,00 meter height. The construction is adjustable in height so that we can create spectacular atmospheres anywhere. The minimum height is 4,00 meter and the maximum height is 5,00 meter.


Where to use:

We leave it up to you, but the chandelier trees are ideal for Mediterranean parties such as weddings, or in between dinner tables during a gala or company party.


How to use:

The chandelier trees will be taken to your location, where our skilled specialists will put them together. The only thing we need from you is the electricity and a flat surface.

Which chandeliers are suitable:

The construction and the design can be used with our small and medium size chandeliers. Of course you can also opt for a mix of types and dimensions.


Perfect combinations with our chandelier tree.

Technical information:


Color: galvanized
Height: 4 meter – 5 meter
Width: 3,50 meter – 4 meter



Would you like a quote for this chandelier or for another chandelier? Send us an e-mail or text message. We will contact you as soon as possible. Be as specific as possible in your request. Think about:
– Date of hire
– What type and number of chandeliers
– Installation date
– Uninstall date
– The address for delivery
– Your company and contact details
We prefer to work with wedding and event professionals.


What is the advantage of renting a chandelier?
Renting a chandelier takes all the worries of installation, upkeep and reparations out of your hands. Because of this the price of renting a chandelier is often cheaper in the long run compared to buying.


How do I hire chandeliers?
With us! You can request a quotation through this page, make sure to provide us with as much information as possible. We will start working as fast as possible to make your event a success!


For which occasion should I hire a chandelier?

A chandelier is the perfect addition to any event. It creates a magical atmosphere at your wedding, event, performance, fashion show, private dinner or business event. There’s a perfect chandelier for every design idea you might have, the possibilities are endless!


What can we do for you?

At Chandelierrental we relieve you of all worries. We are involved from the start and can advise on the model and number of chandeliers in your design. Besides this we transport our chandeliers to the event location ourselves. Lastly, we provide trained professionals who are there to install and dismantle the chandeliers.


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April 6, 2018


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