Chandelier arches

Chandelier Arches

Create a romantic dinner setting with our chandelier arches in combination with luxurious chandeliers. Success guaranteed. You know our chandelier arches from romantic pictures that you can find on instagram or pinterest. In the middle of the Tuscan vineyards is a long dinner table with sparkling chandeliers above. All this during the setting sun.

floor standing chandelier stands

Years ago we developed chandelier arches to mount chandeliers in places where there was no suspension point. By using the chandelier arches it is still possible to hang chandeliers. For example above a dinner table or in an entrance. The chandelier arches created a breathtaking atmosphere during the amfAR gala. During this prestigious red carpet event, hundreds of celebrities walked the path of Hotel du Cap Eden Roc. To the left and right of the entrance were our chandelier arches with sparkling chandeliers attached to them.

Technical information and safety:
The arches have been developed for use in the structure developed by us. The structure rests on a secure heavy baseplate. In terms of weight and dimensions, this baseplate is calculated on the weight of the arch and chandeliers.
The structure can be equipped with 1 arch for a dinner setting, for example. It is also possible to place 2 arches per structure with a chandelier attached to it. A total of 5 arches can be placed per structure with a beautiful luxurious chandelier attached to it. By using several arches per structure, the whole can be used multifunctionally. For example between tables or as an eye-catcher in a cocktail room.

chandelier arches for amfAR gala Cannes

When do you use single chandelier arches?
For situations where no suspension points are available. For example for a romantic dinner setting in a vineyard, garden decoration or in an entrance.

When do you use multiple arches per structure
As a luxurious decoration between tables or a high environment such as in a hall, tent, cave or garden party.

How does renting chandelier arches work?
We always rent out our structures and arches in combination with our luxurious chandeliers. Depending on the number of structures, we always supply 2 specialists for safe assembly and disassembly. We take care of the transport to the event venue in-house.

What color are the structure and arches?
We have chosen to galvanize the whole. The color is therefore matte light gray. You are free to apply flowers, sleeves, greenery, wood or foil, for example. This way you always create your own distinctive atmosphere.

What does renting chandelier arches cost?
The rental price depends on the duration of the event. The rental price also depends on the number of arches you want to use. That is why we always make a tailor-made offer. Contact us and explain your plans to us.

Which chandeliers are suitable for hanging from chandelier arches?
In connection with safety and stability, we have made a selection of models from our range that can be combined with the arches.

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