Chandeliers for Wedding

Fascinating Ways to Use Chandeliers for Wedding

Chandeliers are lovely light fixtures make a unique impact. For the longest time, chandeliers are also considered a sign of elegance and opulence. This is why it is not really a big surprise that chandeliers for wedding are also very in demand. In spite of their history of being used only by the affluent and wealthy section of society, chandeliers can now work for any style couples might choose for their wedding, from laidback to opulent.

A classic crystal chandelier will look great for a more glamorous reception. On the other hand, a rustic wedding can be made even better with a more modern wrought-iron chandelier. But, whatever specific style you choose, you will still have to decide where and how you will be using your chandeliers for wedding.

The simplest and most common approach is to just hang them above the guests’ tables at the wedding reception. However, in this modern age where couples are searching for ways to make their special day even more special and unique from the rest, it is a must to think outside the box and step outside your comfort zone.

Here are some of the favorite ways that couples of today have used chandeliers for wedding.

Complement Your Couple Shot

Next to kissing under a starlit night sky, kissing under a romantic chandelier is the next best thing when it comes to couple shots. You will surely fall in love with your partner even more when you are basking in the light of glamorous fixtures strategically suspended from trees.

Make It a Part of the Altar

It doesn’t matter if you have simple floral arrangements, an arch, or a canopy. Putting a chandelier near the altar is a great way to add some pizzazz to your exchanging of vows.

Add Florals for Adornment

Make your wedding look like a scene straight from a fairy tale by combining verdant greenery and lush florals with classic chandeliers for wedding.

Embellishment for the Dance Floor

Since the dance floor is that one spot where you and your guests will spend most of your time, it makes perfect sense to make it shine and sparkle with a carefully chosen chandelier.

Put Them in Clusters

While it is lovely to have just one chandelier as the centerpiece, you can also make a major statement when you group them together.

Above the Aisle

Make the path to the love of your life brighter and clearer by complementing it with the use of crystal fixtures beaming above the aisle.

Brighten Up the Bridal Suite

This might sound a bit unconventional but a bride will surely enjoy looking at the most enthralling photos with her girls as she prepares for her big day, with a chandelier in her bridal suite serving as a surprising layer of enchantment.

These are just some of the most fascinating ways to use chandeliers for wedding. With a bit of imagination and creativity, your big day will surely remain embedded in you and your guests’ memories for a long time!

A classic crystal chandelier will look great

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