Wedding chandelier hire

Wedding chandelier hire

Style your wedding with beautiful chandeliers. All info about hiring chandeliers.

Do you ever think about your wedding and what it should look like? It is wonderful to dream about this fairy tale day. During this beautiful day, romance and atmosphere predominate. Chandeliers belong in this atmosphere. Chandeliers enhance the sense of romance and class.There are a lot of different types of chandeliers for rent. Which model you choose has to do with personal taste. The choice also has to do with the styling of your wedding. If the design is gold-colored, then of course you do not hang a silver chandelier. But you choose a matching color chandelier.

Different types of Wedding chandeliers

The Vienna Style chandelier exudes luxury and exclusivity. This type of chandeliers is widely used for an American wedding. Russian brides and grooms also opt for this style. The Vienna style chandelier can also be used in a romantic castle wedding in Spain, France or Italy. There are also brides and grooms who choose a Vienna style chandelier as a centerpiece across the bar or dance floor.The 3 styles of chandeliers fit into various wedding types. For a Moroccan, Indian, Asian or Turkish wedding, designers choose the Classic Style.The classic style is also chosen for French or Italian weddings
The Venetian style chandeliers are widely used for outdoor weddings. Grooms of all kinds decorate their wedding with this model. This can be a castle wedding,  garden wedding or marquee wedding. This chandelier model fits in many designs.

Many types of weddings exist. Some weddings are tied to religion. Such as a Hindu wedding, Sikh wedding, Jewish wedding or Orthodox wedding. We also style non-religious weddings with sparkling chandeliers. Think of a beach wedding in a Mediterranean climate or an estate wedding in England or Ireland. Find out the right chandelier here.

Rental prices of chandeliers:
We can imagine that you are curious about the rental price of these beautiful chandeliers. There are no prices on our website. We believe that your guests do not need to know what the price is of a chandelier. Another reason is that we agree a NDA with the bride and groom.
In the NDA, we determine that no statements are made about money. Privacy is our top priority.

Still unsure about which chandelier model would best suit your wedding styling? Have your wedding designed by a professional wedding designer or ask your wedding planner who can help you to choose the right chandelier.

We prefer to work with professionals
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Love and romance are enhanced with chandeliers

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