People Also Ask

People Also Ask

What does it cost to rent a chandelier?
Prices for renting a chandelier depend on the model and size. The number is also important. Renting a small chandelier costs about 500 euros

Why rent and not buy chandeliers?
A chandelier is very fragile. If you use the chandelier for a short time, you will have to transport it after the event. The chance of damage occurring is very high. That is why it is better to rent a chandelier. TV producers, wedding planners, event producers, window dressers, theater makers also do this.

Where can you rent chandeliers?
There are not many companies that really specialize in renting out chandeliers. This is because a chandelier is relatively expensive to produce and it is a very fragile product. The risk of damage is high. That is why companies do not want to take this risk. The largest rental company in chandeliers is Chandelier Rental. You will find a few chandelier rental companies all over the world, but not with such a large stock as this company has.

What is the risk of renting chandeliers?
Place the risk with your chandelier rental company and let them transport, install and uninstall the chandeliers. In this way you remain free of liability.

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