Chandelier rental ideas

Chandelier rental ideas

We bring fairy tales to live. We create atmosphere. Our chandeliers increase an event into a world class event. There is always a reason to use chandeliers in a design. Here you’ll find some interesting ideas to use rental chandeliers for an event or for a wedding:

Chandeliers in trees. A nature wedding or event
We know: a tree is not an official suspension point. But when you hang sparkling chandeliers on different branches of a tree, this gives a wonderful effect. Hang the rented chandeliers in different trees and at different heights. The effect is romance and luxury at the same time.

Put chandeliers on the ground. The effect is amazing
Maybe you have seen it. A dimmable chandelier lying on the floor. A silly face? We don’t think so. For example, put a chandelier under a tree or in the corners of the room. It’s also nice to put chandeliers on the stage. We see designs where chandeliers are placed on a dinner table or bar. It provides a surprising effect among your guests

Hang the chandeliers very low, almost on the ground. This effect is stunning
A chandelier does not necessarily have to hang high in a tent or room. Take a different approach and lower the chandeliers almost to the ground. You can do this in a corner of a tent or next to a bar. You immediately create a beautiful photo booth where your guests can take selfies. It’s also nice to hang different chandeliers together and mount them at different heights. Guests see the creativity of the designer and get a feeling of warmth and luxury

Put chandeliers everywhere, also in the stage
Don’t you use all these great ideas? That does not matter of course. Then think about spreading the chandeliers across the room and the stage. In this setting, guests everywhere get a sense of romance, luxury and class wherever they look. They are beautiful sparkling chandeliers everywhere.

A chandelier above every table gives a feeling of luxury
It’s very nice to hang a chandelier low above every table. Think of a dinner setting. In a room or outside. You create a relaxed and romantic atmosphere just like in a restaurant. A chandelier creates a romantic and warm atmosphere. The first impression upon entering will be unforgettable. Different styles can be used above a table. Empire Chandeliers, Viennese Chandeliers or Romantic Venetian Chandeliers.

We hope that you have been inspired by these chandelier rental ideas. Do you have ideas with chandeliers for an event or wedding? Please contact us. Do you want to see more ideas? Take a look at our photo overview. Can’t get enough of our chandeliers? Follow us on instagram

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