Chandeliers for Wedding Tents

Add a Charming Sparkle to Your Big Day with Chandeliers for Wedding Tents

Your big day is finally approaching. You planned your reception to be held in a wedding tent outdoors. This is a smart move as you will get the chance to pick the decorations of your wedding tent from the ground up.

You can’t help but imagine how your wedding day will be like. The person you want to spend the rest of your life with will finally be yours officially. You and your beloved are surrounded by the smiling and approving faces of family and friends. The table centerpieces and flowers you personally picked are all in your wedding colors. But, there’s suddenly a bummer. There’s an ugly blank white ceiling up there!

You then spend the rest of the day celebrating with your guests but you are wondering why you forgot that ceiling in the first place. If you don’t want to experience this horrible mistake, take this time to plan in advance and use that blank canvas to create a fairy tale-like area. Everything is in your hands, and the good news is that you don’t have to be extravagant or difficult just to make that perfect statement. With chandeliers for wedding tents, there will be no dull ceilings at all!

Chandeliers for Wedding Tents – Magical Decors for Your Special Day

Chandeliers scream and exude elegance. They serve as stunning source of light for your wedding. The best thing about chandeliers is the fact that you can easily match them with any wedding theme. For instance, if your wedding has a rustic theme, you can opt for chandeliers made from lanterns or wagon wheels. If your ceremony is a black-tie affair, a crystal or crystal-like chandelier is your best option. The lights which reflect off the crystals can give off a magical dim glow.

You also have the option to use just a single chandelier as the centerpiece or some smaller ones that you can hang in different parts of the tent. The main idea here is to make the decorations uniformed, including the lighting.

Types of Chandeliers You Can Use for Your Wedding Tent

A chandelier, by definition, is a kind of hanging light fixture which features branches supporting several lights. They are available in various styles, sizes, and price ranges. When looking for chandeliers for wedding tents, some of the primary types you will encounter include the following:

  • Candelabra – It is a traditional chandelier featuring five with candlesticks or cups.
  • Empire style chandelier. This chandelier has a beautiful silouet and give a luxurious touch. Available in many sizes.
  • Maria Therese chandelier. A classical look with historic touch. Available in many sizes.
  • Venezia style chandelier. A romantic look with sparkling crystals. Hand made chandeliers in sizes from 1.00mtr till 1.20mtr
  • Stadium and event hall chandeliers. Made for very very large venues. Example 1, example 2.
  • Floor chandeliers. A final touch when styling an venue.

Chandeliers scream and exude elegance

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