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Important Factors to Consider When Looking for the Perfect Chandeliers for Event

The right and appropriate chandeliers for event can make a dramatic statement. However, making the wrong choice can easily compromise and ruin your event. This is why it is a must to choose chandeliers which will aesthetically blend with the décor you choose and dimensions of the event venue.

To avoid mistakes, here are some of the essential factors to help you pick the best chandeliers for any event.

It Starts with Size

When looking for a chandelier, it is critical to measure the size of the room or space where your event will be held. If the venue is small and cramped, an excessively large chandelier can easily overpower your décor. This can also cause an overabundance of light.

On the other hand, when the room is a large one, picking a very small chandler will only make it look sadly inadequate, and it might not be able to give the space the sufficient lighting it needs.

Make sure you calculate the room’s diameter through adding the length and width together. After that, convert the results you get into centimeters or inches. This will give you the right measurement for the chandeliers for event you will choose.

When you use this method for a space which is 3 meters or 10 feet long by 3 meters or 10 feet wide, you will be able to safely pick a chandler which is around 50 centimeters or 20 inches in diameter.

Think of Height

The height of the ceiling is also another vital factor when looking for chandeliers for event. Decorators are at a consensus that once you measured the distance from floor to ceiling, you could allow around 3 inches of chandelier per foot. It means that a room that has a ceiling of 10 feet can adequately accommodate a chandelier of 76 centimeters or 30 inches long.

Find the Suitable Match

The lovely crystal Victorian chandelier might look stellar in the showroom. However, there is a possibility that it will look out of place in your event venue. Make sure you match the chandelier’s style with the décor you use if you don’t want the chandelier to look like a pretty gemstone amidst a mismatched setting. The good news here is that chandeliers for event now come in various styles to match any room décor style, Art Deco and Victorian, to Mediterranean, French Provincial, and Contemporary.

More Means More

For narrower corridors and smaller rooms, you can consider opting for several small scale chandeliers instead of just one large fixture. It will also work for rooms with irregular shape, or rooms which are oblong or rectangular in shape.

It’s Worthy of Your Investment

Beautiful chandeliers for event are fabulous investments as they can transform even the simplest venues into a stunning showplace. With careful measuring and planning, you can surely find the right chandelier which will not only suit your event space but will also make your guests fall in love right from the get-go.

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