Chandelier rental company

Looking for the most beautiful lighting for a wedding?
We are the largest chandelier rental company. You will find our luxury chandeliers at all luxury parties.

Renting out chandeliers is a specialty.
A chandelier consists of thousands of fragile parts. We have a suitable chandelier for the most diverse situations. Even when there is no suspension point available, we have great alternatives.

What does a chandelier rental company do?
A professional chandelier rental company ensures that chandeliers are transported undamaged and safely hung. The company will help you choose the right chandelier. Completely matching with the design.

How does chandelier rental works
It often starts with picking out a few beautiful models. Sometimes it also works the other way: The designer draws a styling for a wedding and uses a certain type of chandelier. Based on this, we make a quotation.

I want to rent chandeliers for my party. How do I proceed?
We prefer to work with professionals. So wedding or event planners, stylists or designers. But we also work with production companies. These types of companies understand everything that is involved in hanging a chandelier.

What do I have to consider if I want to rent chandeliers?

  • Determine the style
  • Determine the height of the suspension point
  • How many pieces do you need
  • View the door size to the room where the chandeliers will be hung. Do they fit through the entrance?
  • Chandeliers usually arrive in a truck. What is the surface of the loading and unloading area up to the entrance?
  • Determine the rental period. On which day should the chandeliers be delivered and when can the chandeliers be removed.
  • Make sure that the chandeliers are hung free of weather influences.

So there are quite a few conditions. That is precisely why we want to work with professionals.

We guarantee the highest privacy for clients. Nothing is more annoying than a styling leak beforehand or paparazzi discovering a secret location. Our employees guarantee a silent delivery, do not talk about anything and do not post anything on social media. View our privacy statement.

I now know how everything works and want to use the chandeliers. Can I get in touch and receive a quote?
We are happy to help you. Send an email, call us or send a WhatsApp.

We look forward to a great collaboration.

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