chandelier repair

Looking for a professional company to have your chandelier repaired? We are the most specialized company in chandelier repair.

The basis of our extensive knowledge and experience is our rental company. Here we deal daily with chandeliers that need a repair or are missing a part. As a result, we have a workshop where we restore crystal chandeliers. We also build custom-made chandeliers in this workshop.
The unique thing about our repair center is that we offer a full service. We will disassemble the chandelier at your home or at your business premises. After the chandelier is ready, we come to install the lamp.
Thanks to our experience in rental, we have a lot of experience in transporting chandeliers.
We have experience with family owned chandeliers, castle chandeliers, chandeliers from churches and chandeliers from government buildings.

Would you like to receive a quote for the repair or cleaning of your chandelier? Please send an email with pictures of the chandelier to this email address.

What we do:
Cleaning a chandelier that is dirty
Repair of electronics
Repair of chandeliers that have fallen
Total restoration of a chandelier
Replacing parts in a chandelier
Disassemble a chandelier
Moving chandeliers
Mounting chandeliers

If you are only interested in the history of a chandelier, you can find it here.

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