Chandelier Type Andre Rieu 1

Chandelier Type Andre Rieu 1

Chandelier rental model Andre Rieu Type-1

Chandelier Andre Rieu Type-1
Color: Brass
Material: Steel, Wood, Brass and plastic pipes
Height: 1.00mtr + 1.30mtr rigging / steels (included)
Dimention: 2.00mtr
Weight: 75kg
Light points: 120
Power: CEE
Transport: worldwide delivery
Stock: 130+
Hiring: 1 piece, 8 ones in a dolly (truck size) or per full 13.60mtr trailer.Please note: These chandeliers need a clearance from 2mtr between suspension point and chandeliers. This is for rigging.


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August 27, 2014


Andre Rieu, Large

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