Venezia VZ-15

Venezia VZ-15

Chandelier rental model VZ 15

The palaces of Louis XV, King of France, Maria Theresa, Empress of Austria and Elisabeth Petrovna, Tsarina of Russia, are just a couple of examples of spaces in which the Venezian chandeliers create a majestically appearance. The chandelier was a natural application of crystal. As symbols of artistic appreciation, good taste, wealth and nobility the had the same prestigious appearance as jewels.

The ateliers which manufactured this chandelier were ordered by palaces, salons and other luxurious interiors from all over the world. Wherever the Venezian chandelier was mounted, it formed an integral part of the decorative, architectural design and much more than just a special, unique way to light a room. The chandelier could easily be adapted to any architectural style. A large number of the most distinguished buildings and interiors in the world wouldn’t exude that same wealth without their chandeliers.

It is easy to rent a  Venezian Chandelier. This type of chandelier is suitable for decoration or lighting of a tent, gala, dinner, wedding or fashion show. The chandelier is fitted with chain, safety and shackle. Luxurious crystal is used for this type of lamp. The arms are full crystal. The large crystals, however, create an atmospheric experience. The Venezian chandelier is perfect for creating an Venezian or Tuscany atmosphere.

Below you will find the technical specifications of Type-VZ-15:

Color: Clear / Chrome
Height: 1.20mtr
Dimention: 1.00mtr
Weight: 12kg
Light points: 15 x 25w
Transport: worldwide delivery

This model is also available as VZ-9 with a height of 1.00mtr and 0.80mtr wide with 9 light points.


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November 4, 2014


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