Chandeliers for Video – Style your video content

Chandeliers for Video – Style your video content

Chandeliers for Video
Visual productions with atmosphere

Visual productions are more important than ever. The Corona crisis is making video content more important. Meetings take place through online meetings. The social distance economy is the new future. Within this distance economy, events are more difficult to take place. Choices are now being made to communicate with each other through visual productions. Think of online presentations, entertainment and marketing. This is why decorating and lighting a video setting is more important than ever. The atmosphere of the content is important.

Chandeliers for video. An online gala?
We can imagine that a gala cannot take place due to government measures. An alternative is to have the gala take place online. The caterer brings dinner to guests’ homes and a biding can be made during an auction via an online stream. The setting of a gala is with chandeliers. A small chandelier behind the auctioneer or a large one for the camera shot. The overall visual is decisive for the success of such an event.

This includes other types of visual productions such as an online concert by an artist or a romantic production in which a story is told. A living room concert or a good luck message from a CEO to the staff. The decoration of the set is important for conveying the right atmosphere and message. Another suggestion may be to use chandeliers during a TV show. Chandeliers are giving a sense of romance and homeliness. Chandeliers fit into any kind of decor.

Which Chandelier for a Video?
Our range consists of all kinds of chandeliers. There is a useful chandelier for every video production. We are normally available, our employees are all healthy and we work according to the guidelines. Chandeliers are delivered and installed by our staff. Together with your producer, we look for the best result on camera.


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