Chandelier stands, an invention by Chandelier Rental

Chandelier stands, an invention by Chandelier Rental

chandelier tree indoor styling

Chandelier Rental, Europe’s leading chandelier rental company, is thrilled to introduce the innovative floor standing chandelier stand, revolutionizing the way chandeliers enhance your event. This customizable masterpiece is capable of supporting 1 to 5 chandeliers and extends the magic of these lighting fixtures to any venue, even the great outdoors. Time to elevate your wedding with unparalleled sophistication and timeless elegance.

About the chandelier stand

What do chandeliers and your wedding have in common? They are both magical. But up until now the options for chandeliers were confined to the indoors. The Chandelier Tree eliminates the limitations of fixed structures, allowing you to infuse your wedding with the allure of chandeliers, regardless of the location.

Customization options

Curate the perfect ambiance for your special day with the chandelier tree’s versatile customization options. Choose from a range of tree structures, selecting between multiple elegant finishes. Embrace nature-inspired designs or bedeck the tree with real flowers for a whimsical touch. Adjust the number of branches to your liking – whether a single chandelier for an intimate dinner or up to 5 branches creating a breathtaking crystal centerpiece on the dancefloor. Your vision, your chandelier tree.

Diverse chandeliers, infinite possibilities

Lastly, a chandelier tree is nothing without chandeliers. Luckily, customization is possible with over 700 chandeliers of over 30 different types. From classic Empire-style to the romantic glow of candlelight in our Viennese style chandelier, our collection caters to every taste. We can install any type of small or medium chandelier on the structure. Transform your chandelier tree into a breathtaking masterpiece that reflects your unique style and elevates your wedding to new heights.

About Chandelier Rental

As the premier chandelier rental company in Europe, Chandelier Rental is synonymous with luxury and sophistication. We collaborate with wedding planners, event coordinators, designers, and stylists to curate magical atmospheres that transcend borders. Our portfolio extends beyond conventional venues, with exclusive and undisclosed locations becoming the canvas for our breathtaking installations.

The chandelier stand is the latest testament to our commitment to realizing the seemingly impossible for our clients. Whether it’s helicopter installations atop mountain peaks or sailing over the waters of Venice, we go the extra mile to bring your vision to life. With the chandelier tree, your dream wedding becomes a reality, and the magic is boundless.


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