Marie Therese Swarovski Chandelier Type-MT30

Marie Therese Swarovski Chandelier Type-MT30

Type MT30 Swarovski Ultra Luxury – Swarovski

Maria Theresa Chandeliers were increasingly further developed, in spite of the economic crisis which took place after the First World War. Nowadays, the Maria Theresa Chandeliers are a harmonious combination of old glass making-techniques and modern technology.

Swarovski crystal is complete crystal, which contains the highest percentage of lead (32%). Because of this high lead content in combination with special grinding techniques, the beautiful colour spectrum is created. The higher the lead content, the higher the refractive index. Crystal with a high refractive index shows more brilliance and has an even richer spectrum of colours. Swarovski stands for ultra-luxury: haute couture and jewellery.

Type MT30 Swarovski is suitable for ultra luxury events and weddings where nothing can be missing. The exclusive chandelier is specially packaged for transport dust free and includes a chain, safety and approved harp closure.

When you make the choice to rend this Swarovski chandelier, we will bring the exclusive chandelier directly from our warehouse to your event location. This chandelier comes with a specialized expert who will assemble and disassemble the chandelier.

Below are the technical specifications of Type-MT30:

Color: Clear / Chrome
Height: 1.00mtr
Dimention: 1.00mtr
Weight: 20kg
Light points: 30 x 25w
Transport: worldwide delivery


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November 4, 2014


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