BLOG: Renting chandeliers for wedding or event: The latest trend

BLOG: Renting chandeliers for wedding or event: The latest trend

Renting chandeliers for wedding or event: The latest trend
You probably know it: A wonderful building with large chandeliers creating a wonderful atmosphere. You immediately feel a sense of history, romance, luxury or confidence. After all, a chandelier creates atmosphere. A chandelier used to be mounted on a fixed position. However, it is now possible to rent chandeliers for a wedding, an event, a gala or fashion show. The company chandelierrental.com rents wonderful crystal chandeliers in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Chandeliers create a wonderful atmosphere. For a wedding you can hang them in a tent, for a garden party you can hang them on tree branches. Light-designers, wedding planners and event-organizers increasingly prefer wonderful crystal chandeliers. Some time ago, Jean-Paul Gaultier chose a mix of chandeliers for an event of Sir Elton John. The former Russian President Mika Gorbachev rented crystal lamps at chandelierrental.com for his Raisa Gorbachev foundation. Marc Jacobs rented chandeliers for a private dinner of Louis Vuitton. He had them upholstered with Louis Vuitton fabric and created his own atmosphere in Ritz Hotel Paris. Haute Couture brands like Cartier and Chanel regularly rent crystal chandeliers at chandelierrental.com, either for a commercial or for a fashion show. At private parties and destination weddings you increasingly spot chandeliers as well. Isn’t it wonderful? A beach wedding with a wonderful chandelier above the bridal couple! Artist and violinist André Rieu toured around the world with our chandeliers.

Chandeliers on a wedding or event have become a trend. Since prominent cosmopolitans and top-designers used the chandeliers of chandelierrental.com for their events, chandeliers have increasingly be noticed set designs. A decoration tip for every event-designer, wedding-designer and light-designer. Chandeliers are indispensable during a V.I.P. gala or luxury event.

Chandelierrental.com rents almost 30 different chandelier-models, which can be rent individually or in large numbers. The largest chandelier available in Europa is 6 mtr high. The super-size chandelier. The company rents throughout Europa, especially in France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland and the UK. In Europa you will find two warehouses in the Netherlands and 1 in Spain. More information about renting chandeliers? Email, call us on +31246779322 or go to our products.

Michel van Dolderen

I am Michel van Dolderen. Since 2006, I have been responsible for all content for Chandelier Rental. I regularly write articles that are interesting for the wedding and event market. Our company is a trendsetter in renting out luxury chandeliers. I translate this into online content. I write about new trends and a lot about events where our chandeliers have been used. It's nice to write content for this company. My news articles are always inspired by our team.

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