Now available: hiring swarovski chandelier

Now available: hiring swarovski chandelier

Hiring swarovski chandelier? We are your partner for Swarovski chandelier rental. Are you looking for something very special during an event or wedding? You can now rent Swarovski crystal chandeliers.

The crystal in our models contains 24% lead. The grinding technique results in a brilliant sparkle. “We have clients with extremely high demands. Especially for these customers we now provide a Swarovski collection “, the company said. Swarovski crystal is synonymous with ultra luxury and haute couture. The crystal is filled with full-lead and the special grinding techniques and natural raw materials are pleasing to the eye. The expensive chandeliers are transported and assembled through the chandelier rental.

Chandelierrental.com currently has three models of chandeliers with Swarovski crystal. Type-1B, Type-3 and Type-MT30. It is possible that there are going to be more models.

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