How to install a chandelier

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Start by turning off the power. Check this again by measuring with a voltage detector. Is the power point free of power? Then the installation of the chandelier can begin. In this explanation, we assume that the chandelier has already been assembled.

  1. Place a safe ladder so you can get to the suspension point.
  2. Pick up the chandelier on the chain and walk it up the stairs. Is the chandelier too heavy? Then ask for help and have someone support the chandelier from below. Attach the chain to the suspension point.
  3. Check whether the chandelier is hanging at the correct height from different positions
  4. Does the chandelier hang properly? Then start by connecting the chandelier to the power supply
  5. Before mounting the ceiling rose, turn on the power and see if the chandelier works.
  6. Does the chandelier work? Turn off the power and start getting rid of the chain and cabling. After this you can mount the ceiling cap.
  7. Your chandelier is ready to use. Turn on the power.

The best thing is to equip a chandelier with old-fashioned light bulbs and connect the chandelier to a dimmer.

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