What are you going to do? A micro wedding or exuberant party?

What are you going to do? A micro wedding or exuberant party?

A micro wedding or exuberant party?

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, weddings are celebrated differently. What are you going to do? Are you getting married in your own country or are you going to another country? You may choose to invite guests from all over the world. Or do you want to keep it very small and intimate? These are all issues that are currently at issue. What is allowed and what is and is not allowed. Maybe this is just the perfect opportunity to turn your micro wedding into a fairytale. Don’t forget to add beautiful sparkling chandeliers to the design. Chandeliers fit into all kinds of themes.

Maybe you want to have a traditional wedding or a modern one. Do you opt for a summer or Christmas wedding? Then the atmospheric chandeliers should not be missed. Imagine a room without chandeliers and then imagine the same room with chandeliers. Nice? Chandeliers are not necessarily chubby. Chandeliers provide a sense of romance and increase a party in class. It is our daily work to transform spaces – inside or outside – into something magical. We have some good tips for you:

Are you getting married outside?
Think of a beautiful flower arch with a chandelier in the middle.
You can also choose our stylish chandelier trees. You can put them trough the garden. The chandelier trees can also be equipped with 1 arm. For example, you can illuminate a dinner table attractively.

Are you getting married indoors or in a half-open marquee?
We have wonderful solutions for this. Together with the wedding planner, we look at various options.
Have you been inspired for this article? Then check if your favorite chandelier is among them.

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