Empire chandelier Type-1

Empire chandelier Type-1

Chandelier rental model Type 1

Empire chandelier type-1

We have developed the Chandelier Model Type-1 and therefore it cannot be rented anywhere else. We constructed the chandelier with high quality lead crystal. The model, which is just under a meter high, is perfect for locations with a suspension point at a height of 3.5 meters.
This chandelier is colored old silver and contains old-fashioned light bulbs. In addition, the chandelier can be connected to a dimmer. Dimming Type-1 creates a warm and atmospheric light that reflects in the beautiful crystals.

Type-1 can be perfectly combined with Model 1A and Model 2A.

The highlights of this chandelier

– high quality crystal
– easy to install
– easily transportable
– light
– dimmable


Rental products Chandelier Type-1
Color: Old silver
Height: 0.82mtr
Diameter: 0.50mtr
Weight: 5kg
Light points: 8 x 25w
Transport: worldwide delivery

Price disclaimer

You will not find prices of our chandeliers on the website. This is because of a few reasons:
1) Discretion is of the utmost importance to us. Our clients’ privacy is always the number one priority.

2)The rental price depends on many factors such as transport, personnel, duration and location of the event and the amount of chandeliers. To prevent surprises and uncertainties we make a quotation including these costs and therefore the price will differ for each event.


Buy or hire a chandelier?

When you rent a chandelier, it takes all the worries of installation, upkeep and reparations out of your hands. Because of this the price of renting a chandelier is often cheaper in the long run compared to buying. Buying a chandelier makes sure the chandelier is in your possession at all times.

How do I hire chandeliers?

With us! You can request a quotation through this page, make sure to provide us with as much information as possible. We will start working as fast as possible to make your event a success!


For which occasion should I hire a chandelier?

A chandelier is the perfect addition to any event. It creates a magical atmosphere at your wedding, event, performance, fashion show, private dinner or business event. There’s a perfect chandelier for every design idea you might have, the possibilities are endless!


What can we do for you?

At Chandelierrental we relieve you of all worries. We are involved from the start and can advise on the model and number of chandeliers in your design. Besides this we transport our chandeliers to the event location ourselves. Lastly, we provide trained professionals who are there to install and dismantle the chandeliers.


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Below you will find a couple of atmospheric pictures of events where Type-1 was used:

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November 4, 2014


Empire Chandelier, Light, Small

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