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Indian Wedding decorations

Indian wedding decorations. Style your Indian wedding? Looking for something special. Our chandeliers are perfect for styling an Indian Wedding. You can hire any size chandelier for the most beautiful day of your life. Our chandeliers are used for the Jain Temple in Antwerp and a lot of Indian weddings across Europe. Chandeliers are...

Decorating dinner party Hugo Boss

Decorating dinner party. For the dinner of Hugo Boss they used two of our largest chandeliers. These enormous chandeliers are 6 meters high each. The extra large chandeliers are the biggest mobile chandeliers in Europe. The dinner of Hugo Boss took place in Germany, Stuttgart.

Chandeliers Pierre Cardin in Berlin

Chandeliers Pierre Cardin: Following on from our successful working relationships with top brand names of Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Cartier and others, we are working for Pierre Cardin. Pierre Cardin, based in Paris, is an influential French fashion designer enhancing many different sphères of design to catch the eye of the discerning buyer. The fashion company wanted...

16 Chandeliers for TV Show

Chandeliers for TV show. For Max Broadcasting we supplied 16 chandeliers type-3 for the Proms Concerts 2013. The type-3 chandelier had previously been used in the TV show Voice of Holland. The Proms concerts are recorded for TV broadcast on Christmas Day and a follow-on during New Year’s Eve. Our luxurious crystal chandeliers will give...

Chandeliers for TV

Chandeliers for TV. For the French TV station TF1, we delivered 4 chandeliers for the last New Year’s Eve show. They used two type-3 chandeliers of 2.00 m. and two other chandeliers type-1B. These luxury crystal chandeliers are delivered by our own drivers direct to the Paris TV studio. A link to the promotion...

Chandeliers Hugo Boss

Chandeliers Hugo Boss: Hugo Boss chose two type 6 six m. high chandeliers to close the year in style. These giga chandeliers are unique in Europe.The giants are equipped with high-quality lead crystal and in size almost as high as a house. Six years ago we introduced the largest (mobile) chandelier of Europe during LXRY (formerly Millionaire...

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