Destination wedding in Monopoli south Italy, full of chandeliers

Destination wedding in Monopoli south Italy, full of chandeliers

amercian destination wedding idea

Destination wedding
Getting married abroad is very popular. Italy, France, Malta, Greece and Spain are coveted places to organize a wedding party. Commissioned by a wedding designer we have traveled to the Puglia region in south Italy. The wedding took place in Monopoli. The hermetically sealed bay had been turned into an exclusive party location by the sea. Our chandelier specialists assembled our enormous Maria Theresa chandelier type-MT-108 to be the eye catcher. Above each single table there was a classic chandelier. The specially created decoration contained these same crystal chandeliers. In total 80 of these chandeliers were used.
Designer: Vincenzo Dascanio

This is what the Daily Mail wrote about the wedding.

Check out the impressive video here:

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